Irwin Grayson Associates
Consultancy & economic regeneration

Irwin Grayson Associates are consultants in enterprise and economic regeneration. They undertake strategic reviews, programme design and assist with implementation of initiatives intended to provide support to new and growing businesses including social enterprises. They undertake programme evaluations. They have extensive experience in developing innovative solutions to small business support, including the establishment of local enterprise agencies, micro-finance, loan and equity funds as well as developing and managing incubator workspace.They provide policy advice to governments and private sector organisations to assist them to think through policy issues, particularly in relation to investment climate, regulatory reform and private public dialogue, and to formulate appropriate responses. They support non-profit organisations and social enterprises with strategy and business planning. They undertake investment appraisals.

IGA frequently works with partners in order to offer a wider range of approrpiate experience

Brief details of some of IGA's experience and assignments are provided as follows: