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Regulatory reform, advocacy & dialogue

BEST - Advocacy component

{short description of image} Business Environment Strengthening for Tanzania is a major programme to promote regulatory and other reform within Government. The Advocacy Component exists to support private sector organisations (PSOs) to engage in private public dialogue and to advocate an improved business environment in Tanzania. It has now renamed itself BEST-Dialogue to reflect more closely its desire to promote a collaborate approach, and is into a third phase of support intended to last until 2019.

IGA has undertaken a number of assignments for BEST-AC including:
  • undertaking the mid-term review (2006, with Coffey International Development) - around 95 per cent of the recommendations have been implemented;
  • providing technical assistance to the University of Dar Entrepreneurship Centre (UDEC) to support them in their aspiration to become a centre of excellence for private sector advocacy (2007);
  • doing the redesign for phase II following recommendations in the evaluation that BEST-AC should be extended for a further five years (2007);
  • preparing the monitoring and evaluation framework (2007, with Annabel Jackson Associates);
  • undertaking the implementation support review (2008, with Annabel Jackson Associates)
  • providing advice & support as required including, inter alia, assisting with survey instruments to assess member and target audience views of private sector organisations and assisting with annual Business Leader Perception surveys
  • undertaking, with Annabel Jackson Associates and Coffey International Development, a Longitudinal Impact Assessment
BEST-Dialogue is funded by Danish International Development Assistance (DANIDA)
In November, 2007, it was announced that Dr Donath Olomi, Director of the University of Dar Entrepreneurship Centre, had been selected as the Tanzania country prize winner of the 1st Pan-African Prize for Entrepreneurial Teachers.