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Child Poverty Action Group

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CPAG is the leading charity campaigning for the abolition of child poverty in the UK and for a better deal for low-income families and children. CPAG aims to:
  • Raise awareness of the causes, extent, nature and impact of poverty, and strategies for its eradication and prevention;
  • Bring about positive policy changes for families with children in poverty;
  • Enable those eligible for income maintenance to have access to their full entitlement.

The support

In 2007, with support from Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, David Irwin assisted CPAG to undertake a strategic review. The objectives were to develop key strtaegic objectives reflecting the existing mission and vision, to identify and understand the needs of key customers and stakeholders, to identify the potential for new services or for old services delivered in new ways, to consider the internal processes and the resources to deliver the needs and to explore the scope for improving those processes.

The result

Kate Green, the CEO (at the time), explains that this was followed with a range of projects within an overall strategic development programme and regular management team reviews and additionally secured specialist help to take aspects of the development work forward, particularly in relation to improving business performance and external communications. From this she expected to see quite significant changes to organisational processes and ways of working. Kate explained "I can see looking back on the last few months that you very much helped set the context for the detailed examination of all our activities which we are now engaged in, and I wanted to thank you for helping us to kick off what has turned out to be a very major and significant review of all our work."