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Business Advocacy Fund, Kenya

The Business Advocacy Fund is intended to support business member organisations (BMOs) to engage in private public dialogue and to advocate an improved business environment in Kenya. As fund manager, we are responsible for every aspect of marketing the fund, assisting BMOs to prepare compelling proposals, taking recommendations to the board, providing capacity building support and offering implementation assistance. We commenced work on Phase I in September 2006 and the Fund was formally launched in November 2006. The first phase ended at the end of 2010 and a second phase was tendered. This was won by the same partnership of IGA and Coffey International Development and will last until 2015.

During the first phase, BAF:
  • awarded 58 grants totalling $1.2m to 37 BMOs to finance advocacy activities resulting in the publication of 52 research reports and policy position papers, 419 dialogues and consultations with government, the raising of 167 issues with government and 56 changes to public policy (though not every change in policy has yet been implemented);
  • trained 515 participants from 117 BMOs in advocacy skills and techniques;
  • trained 114 participants from 27 BMOs in institution building;
  • assisted BMOs to seek coverage in the media resulting in 487 newspaper articles together with 322 radio appearances and 262 television appearances.
We hope to expand activity considerably during the second phase. More information is available from the BAF website