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Investment climate improvement strategy

Investment climate reform in China

{short description of image} This project, which ran until 2008, was a major project with China's National Development & Reform Commssion (a super-Ministry) and the cities of Chengdu, Lanzhou and Shenzhen. There were twin objectives of developing the cities' skills to support new and growing businesses and to improve the enabling environment.

My role was to lead on the regulatory reform component, which included preparing a city 'Cost of Doing Business' scorecard, undertaking interviews and focus groups discussions with small businesses to identify barriers to growth and regulatory constraints, advising on the preparation of guidance notes for regulatory compliance, advising on the preparation of regulatory impact assessments.

In addition, I played a supporting role on the SME support component, including the preparation of a process consultancy training programme for consultants and the preparation of a diagnostic tool to assist the consultants pinpoint the priority areas for support.
This project was managed by Coffey International Development and funded by the Department for International Development (DFID)