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Promoting Regional Opportunities for Investment & Trade (PROFIT) started in August 2020 and launched at the end of October. It is an initiative of the Asian Development Bank to encourage and promote growth in trade and investment between India and the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS, and which for the purposes of this project they define as Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand). ADB has awarded a contract to a partnership comprising IMC Worldwide, Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry and ASSIST Asia. We have developed an 'acceleration service' targeted at SMEs, that is, a programme of support designed to help businesses start or expand international trade activities more quickly (and we hope more successfully) than they would have done if there had been no help available. The programme will last until February 2022, though there is an aspiration that we are sufficiently successful that BCCI and ASSIST will continue to offer the acceleration services without further funding from ADB.

Full details are available on the profit-accelerator website.