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Review & evaluation

SME Competitiveness Facility

The SME Competitiveness Facility (SCF) is part of a donor funded support programme for small businesses in Tanzania. After five successful years, agreement was reached to refund it for a further period of five years from July 2008. The vision of SCF II, as it is known, was to enable Tanzanian food processors and marketers to access local and international markets on a sustainable basis. Its purpose was to provide food processing and marketing SMEs throughout the value chain with services that enable them to add value to food commodities and access international food product markets. Ultimately, it hoped to increase production, sales and exports of food products and thus jobs and income leading to improved livelihoods for entrepreneurs.

Irwin Grayson Associates was commissioned by SCF, on behalf of DANIDA, together with a local consultant, Otto Ringia, to prepare a monitoring and evaluation framework, manual and forms to ensure that the new programme had an M & E system integrated into its management information systems right from the start.