Irwin Grayson Associates

Irwin Grayson Associates first worked in Zimbabwe in the early 1990s when David Irwin and David Grayson were invited to advise the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industry on setting up a small business support programme. David Irwin, whilst at Project North East, subsequently provided support to the Harare enterprise agency.

In 2011, David Irwin worked with the Zimbabwe Agricultural Competitiveness Program (Zim ACP) to undertake a survey of farmers and businesses to elicit views about the enabling environment. Read the report. This assignment was undertaken in partnership with Imani.

In 2014, David was commissioned by International Trade Centre firstly to undertake a programme of advocacy training with the Business Council of Zimbabwe and secondly to support the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce to develop a policy position on tariffs on imports (ITC, 2014-2015)

For DFID, David undertook the evaluation of the Business Enabling Enviromment Programme, whish supports an advocacy fund (ZIMBISA) and a World Bank reform policy reform programme.

David returned to Zimbabwe in 2015, again for the International Trade Centre, this time to provide advocacy training to a group of women's business associations