Irwin Grayson Associates
Financial support for SMEs

Irwin Grayson Associates undertakes feasibility studies and assists with implementation of loan and equity schemes

Whilst at Project North East, David Irwin established one of the UK's first non bank loan funds and assisted others to establish similar funds both in the UK and internationally.

Whilst Chief Executive of the Small Business Service, David Irwin had overall responsibility for a number of finance mechanisms targeting small and medium sized enterprises. These included the Small Firms Loan Guarantee Scheme and SMART, a grant scheme designed to support technological product development. In addition, SBS provided £20m to launch a high tech venture capital fund levering £106m from other sources; it provided £50m to launch nine regional venture capital funds, levering £66m from Barclays Bank and EUR86 from the European Investment Fund as well as around £85m from local sources. Irwin persuaded the Treasury to provide an additional £50m to establish early stage funds - designed to fill the gap for equity in the range of £20-100,000. Through the Phoenix Fund, SBS provided £20m to support Community Development Finance Institutions. Irwin persuaded the Treasury that SBS should be responsible for assessing CDFIs to determine whether they should be eligible for Community Investment Tax Credit. And Irwin encouraged the formation of the Community Development Finance Association.

For Northern Film + Media David undertook a review of whether they could establish an equity fund focusing on film and media, in partnership with TBR Economics and Olsberg | SPI, 2005

David undertook a review for the North East Community Banking Partnership, in partnership with Sustainable Cities Research Institute at Northumbria University, 2005

David undertook a review of finance for SMEs for ONE NorthEast, in partnership with TBR Economics, 2004