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If you have been reading the other pages on this website, you will have realised that Irwin Grayson Associates undertakes assignments in economic development and enterprise not only in the UK but internationally as well, mainly though not exclusively in Africa.

It is difficult to be specific about what might be entailed in any individual assignment as they are all different. Some are about the establishment of business support organisations. Some are more specific, such as the establishment of a micro-loan fund or the creation of an incubator workspace. Some involve the preparation and establishment of training programmes, often both training trainers and training businesses. And some focus on policy issues, such as advising governments on how to improve the enabling environment.

Contracts are likely to be funded by the EU, DFID, World Bank or other donors. I am often asked if I want to participate in projects, but I am also frequently asked if I know people who might be available for both short term and long term assignments, so I am looking for consultants willing to become Associates and who can be proposed as and when opportunities arise for work on either a short term or long term basis.

If you are interested, please send your CV together with a brief summary of previous international assignments (if any) and an indication of availability to David Irwin.