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David Irwin, with Annabel Jackson and Penny Hawley
This book provides an introduction to advocacy for business associations and others who are seeking to influence public policy. It introduces the five step approach to advocacy: identify issues, research and understand the issues, prepare compelling policy positions, influence policy makers and follow-up. As well as covering the theory, it uses examples and case studies to bring the theory to life.

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Thank you for writing such an insightful book.The thing I loved most about the book was the use of diagrams,it makes the concepts much easier to grasp and remember. The structure of each chapter, having a clear intro, explanation and conclusion. The concepts are also very well defined. I wish that you would have had a long stay in Zimbabwe and applied some of your concepts and ideas, it would have been interesting to see how they hold up in the Zimbabwean {short description of image}context. Well done.
Rachel Dube

David Irwin, International Thompson Business Press
A great deal is written about ensuring that you have good performance indicators and stretching targets. But how do you go about choosing appropriate measures - and how do you use them on a day to day basis? This book aims to help you link everyday performance indicators to your high level strategic objectives, so that you will not only stay in control of your business but also develop and grow.

MYBG Chinese versionMYBG Chinese version
David Irwin, International Thomson, 1998
A simple introduction to the key principles of strategic thinking aimed at owner managers of smaller businesses with the potential and aspiration to grow and at managers of departments and divisions within larger businesses.

Make Your Business Grow has also been published in Chinese

David Irwin, Pitman, 1995
A simple introduction to financial control which includes explanations of how to read the key financial statements in a business, use of ratios for both setting targets and for monitoring performance, and variance analysis.
An earlier version of this book is available in Hungarian and Russian.

David Irwin, Pitman, 1995
This book asserts that planning should be a continuous activity, rather than something you simply do when you want to raise money, say, from the bank. It introduces a number of ideas to help you simplify and streamline the planning process whilst all the time reminding you that planning should provide a framework to achieve success, not a straightjacket which will stifle success.

David Irwin (Editor), Thorogood, 1998/9
A series of pocket sized reference books on a range of management topics aimed at owner managers and at divisional or departmentalmanagers in larger businesses. These are really excellent summaries covering
  • Sales and marketing
  • Finance and profitability
  • Managing and employing people
  • Developing yourself and your staff
  • Building your business
  • Effective business communications
  • Managing projects and operations
  • Exploiting IT in business

Books by David Grayson

Take Care!
David Grayson, 2017
Employers large and small need to take care! They are at risk of losing some of their most valued and valuable employees. They will not lose these employees to competitors or to self-employment but to the employees' loved ones for whom the employees have significant caring responsibilities. The average UK workforce today will have at least 1 in every 9 employees who are juggling their job with caring for a loved one. Many working carers simply give up on juggling work, caring and personal life and quit their jobs. This can be bad for them ("the negative caring nexus: greater financial pressures, greater social isolation, poor physical and mental health); bad for their employers (loss of institutional memory, productivity and of experienced and talented staff); and bad for society as employees with caring responsibilities who feel forced to quit their jobs, will have lower pensions and fewer savings to fall back on in later life and will, therefore, be more dependent on the state. Yet it need not be like this. Smart (as well as responsible) employers understand the business as well as the moral case for helping employees with caring responsibilities to stay in work. In his book: "Take Care: How to be a great employer for working carers", Emerald Publishing, David Grayson explains how they do this.

Social intrapreneurism & all that jazz
David Grayson, Melody McLaren & Heiko Spitzeck, 2014

Corporate Responsibility Coalitions: The Past, Present, and Future of Alliances for Sustainable Capitalism
David Grayson & Jane Nelson, 2013

Cranfield on Corporate Sustainability
David Grayson & Nadine Exter, 2012

Corporate Social Opportunity! Seven Steps to Make Corporate Social Responsibility Work for Your Business
David Grayson & Adrian Hodges, 2004

Everybody's Business: Managing Risks and Opportunities in Today's Global Society
David Grayson & Adrian Hodges, 2001