Irwin Grayson Associates
Ethics, values and principles


Irwin Grayson Associates is a very small business. Nevertheless, we believe that it is important to be clear about our values and principles:
We aim to manage our activities with honesty, integrity and respect for the human rights and interests of all those with whom we do business. We respect the legitimate interests of those with whom we have relationships and aim to develop relationships based on honesty, fairness and mutual trust. We respect the law in all countries in which we work. The business requires the highest ethical standards in undertaking its business activities. We declare all possible conflicts of interest, as soon as they emerge, in discussions and relationships. Corrupt practices will not be tolerated. We seek to maintain and enhance our reputation.

Professional standards

We will endeavour to be professional, trustworthy and reliable in all or relationships. Consultants and associates all engage in continuing professional development. We treat clients, partners and associates with fairness, discretion and confidentiality. We seek only to undertake assignments for which we are professionally competent. We will not offer advice without proper knowledge or relevant experience.


If you are a customer or sub-contractor or supplier and feel that we are not living up to our standards, we would welcome your feedback, so that we can aim to do better.