Irwin Grayson Associates

The UK's Department for International Development is a development partner who sees its mission as leading the British government’s fight against world poverty. DFID works in partnership with governments, civil society, the private sector and others including multilateral institutions such as the World Bank, the United Nations and the European Commission. It works in over 150 countries worldwide, with a budget of around £10 billion.
  • Annual review of Business Enabling Environment Programme in Zimbabwe, including an assessment of the work of ZIMBISA and the World Bank, 2015
  • Preparing business case for agricultural support project, Tanzania, 2012
  • Annual review of ENABLE, the advocacy support and regulatory reform programme in Nigeria, 2012
  • Longitudinal impact assessment of BEST-AC, the advocacy support programme, Tanzania (2010-2015)
  • TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) which began as a project known as REAP (Regional Integration in East Africa): design of output intended to encourage private sector and civil society to engage more actively in East African regional integration (one of TMEA's five outputs)
  • Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund: member of advisory group that commented as AECF design was underway
  • Financial Deepening Challenge Fund: end of programme evaluation in Africa and India
  • Business Linkages Challenge Fund: member of advisory panel
  • Abuja Enterprise Agency: undertook feasibility study, then prepared detailed business plan and then provided mentoring and training to the staff over a four year period
  • Support for advocacy fund: design of programme that brought DFID in as partner for BUSAC in Ghana, already launched by DANIDA
  • Private Enterprise Forum, Ghana: strategic review
  • World Development Report: commissioned by DFID to prepare paper as contribution to WDR 2005
  • Regulatory reform programme managed by KIPPRA, Kenya: mid term review
  • Swaziland Small Enterprise Development Company: general support for small business development organisation with particular focus on develooping the provision of incubator workspace. In partnership with Coffey International Development