Irwin Grayson Associates
Regulatory reform, advocacy & dialogue


ENABLE aims to support business associations to engage in dialogue and advocacy so that they can seek to influence the enabling environment as well as supporting researh institutions and government departments and agencies.

Download surveys I have undertaken a number of assignments for ENABLE. These include:
  • Undertaking the fourth year review (DFID, 2012)
  • Writing an awareness raising booklet for the first step of the five step approach to advocacy, identifying issues,and subsequently facilitating a series of training programmes
  • Undertaking the first year review (DFID, 2009)
  • Writing an awareness raising booklet on the fifth step of the five step approach, monitoring and follow up
  • Working with the Nigerian Employers' Consultative Association (NECA) and with the Organised Private Sector (OPS), which comprises five of the key business associations, to promote collaboration in dialogue and advocacy
  • Supporting ENABLE in the preparation of Business Leaders' Perception surveys in 2009 and 2010 intended to indicate the enabling environment factors causing particular problems for business