Irwin Grayson Associates

{short description of image} Integrity is an NGO which is fighting corrupt practices in Nigeria. It has established a private sector division: Convention on Business Integrity (CBi) which aims to encourage the private sector to work ethically and without engaging in corrupt practices

David visited CBi in June 2003 to undertake a strategic review and assist CBi to consider its strategic objectives. He returned in October to help Integrity write a detailed business plan and then assisted CBi to prepare proposals for sponsorship. The outcome was agreement from DFID to provide core funding totalling some £250,000 and one of the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts to provide £20,000 for a specific project. David visited again during 2004 to assist with the preparation of materials for prospective signatories and for assessors. (DFID, 2003/4).

In 2006, Irwin and Grayson worked together to support CBi to prepare a detailed tool-kit to help businesses go through the assessment process and achieve the tick mark (2006)

The first three assignments were supported by DFID; the preparation of the toolkit was supported by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office Global Opportunities Fund