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London Cycling Campaign

London Cycling Campaign

London Cycling Campaign (LCC) was set up in 1978 to make London a better place for cycling. LCC aims to:
  • Double its voice - through recruiting many more members and encouraging more cyclists to join its campaigns;
  • Make its voice heard - by running bigger and more participatory campaigns to promote the importance of cycling in London
  • Sustain its voice - by providing services for cyclists intended to earn income that will, ultimately, provide the majority of its revenue

The support

LCC had already developed a revised strategy and action plan and submitted it to Esmee Fairbairn Foundation. EF asked David Irwin to challenge LCC's thinking and to provide support to develop a fundable proposition. With advice from David Irwin, they prepared a detailed business plan and funding submission to cover the costs, on a tapering business, of staff who will deliver the objectives outlined above.

The result

EF agreed to provide £105,000 over three years. Further advice resulted in a successful negotiation with the Inland Revenue such that all LCC's subscription income now attracts Gift Aid, which will significantly add to LCC's resources.

Follow up

IGA has been asked by EF to undertake annual reviews - and provide additional advice as may be required.