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Public private dialogue in Nigeria

Public private dialogue is a pre-requisite for effective private sector advocacy. Regular dialogue between appropriate partners from private and public sectors can help to break down mutual suspicion and replace it with mutual confidence. It also provides ready made channels of communication both for public sector consultation and for private sector advocacy

The World Bank's Investment Climate Programme commissioned Irwin Grayson Associates to undertake a review of public private dialogue (PPD) and private sector advocacy in four states: Cross Rivers, Kaduna, Kano and Lagos. The broad objectives of the review were:
  • To identify business membership organisations (BMO) at the federal level and in the four lead states that are already engaging in private public dialogue;
  • To identify existing public sector mechanisms, if any, which make it easier for the private sector to engage in dialogue and to advocate for reforms;
  • To assess the effectiveness of existing public private dialogue.
  • To make recommendations for improving the effectiveness of public private dialogue at both state and federal level.
The ultimate objective was to make recommendations for the development of a structured public private dialogue framework at the sub-national level, which would build advocacy capacity within the private sector and stimulate dialogue leading to improvements in the investment climate.

This assignment was undertaken in partnership with Brian Shaad Associates